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General Rate Increase (GRI) for China to Russian Far East

Please be informed that APL will apply the General Rate Increase (GRI) within the following scope:

Effective date: 6 November 2019
Origin: China (Shanghai, Ningbo, Qingdao, Shekou, Yantian, Xiamen)
Destination: Russian Far East (Vladivostok & Vostochny)
Quantum: USD 50/container (DRY)

1. Effective date is based on sail/onboard date.
2. Applies to tariff and customer specifics agreements.
3. Applies to dry containers.

The FAK Basic Ocean Rates are inclusive of Terminal Handling Charges (Origin and Destination). The Rates do not include and are subject to Bunker related Charges, Peak Season Surcharge, Security related Surcharges, and similar charges, which can be found here. In some cases, the amount of one or several of the aforesaid items are nil. Other charges such as contingency and local charges may also apply. All out ports will be subjected to add-ons.

Please contact your local APL representative if you need any assistance. We thank you for your business and continued support.